Is your company Six Sigma ? 5 Sigma? 4 Sigma ? Confuse, what is 5 & 4 Sigma?

Everyone talk about Six Sigma. It’s okie, we get it, Six Sigma is the highest quality standard or in short, 3.4 defect in million.

Truth is, it’s not easy to achieve six sigma, it’s a long process which will take continuous effort like employee training, skill, mindset, champion, leader etc.. In meantime, you can evaluate your company based on different six sigma levels which may surprise you as this level are hardly discussed on Web. So here are:

5 Sigma , 4 Sigma , 3 Sigma , 2 Sigma and yeah 1 Sigma. Really? Answer is Yes.

Whatever your company, group, business, non-profit , education etc. is delivering to end user, based on metric or say number you can still give credit to your entity. You can understand different level of sigma from below definition:

Say, you sold 1 million product, out which 3.4 product are defect, then you can say my process is Six Sigma or other words, my company operate at six sigma level.  If, it’s 230 defect in million then your company is at 5 Sigma level. Same goes for 4 Sigma as 6200 defect in million, 3 Sigma as 67,000 defect in million, 2 sigma as  310,000 defect in million &   1 Sigma as 700,000 defect in Million.

BE PROUD OF YOUR ORGANIZATION, AWARD THEM TODAY WITH AT LEAST ONE OF SIGMA LEVEL. First step, is motivation, it can bring a drastic change. Talk to your quality department or customer department, ask specific questions like:

1. Number of product sold this year?

2. Number of return or defect by end user or your customer?

Divide – Number of return or defect / Number of Product Sold

Then multiply above output with million, will give you answer where your company stand.

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