Fundamentals of Six Sigma


  • Develop conceptual understanding of important aspects of six sigma
  • Develop basic skills in statistical data analysis
  • Develop basic skills in problem definition and analysis by using six sigma tools
  • Covers the body of knowledge for certified six sigma black belt
  • Master the basic skills and knowledge base for green belts

Field of Knowledge

  • Six Sigma enterprise wide deployment (6%)
  • Business process management (6%)
  • Project management (10%)
  • Six Sigma-Define (6%)
  • Six Sigma –Measure (20%)
  • Six Sigma –Analyze (15.3%)
  • Six Sigma –Improve (14.7%)
  • Six Sigma-Control (10%)
  • Lean enterprise (6%)
  • Design for Six Sigma (6%)


Everything is a process. In business world, there are only products and processes, actually, products
are also processes, because the product usage is also a process. Do the right thing, design the right product, the right process and do things right, Consistent product, consistent process.


Sigma-the lower case Greek letter that denotes a statistical unit of measurement used to define the standard deviation of a population. It measures the variability or spread of the data.