What is Kaizen?

Kaizen, is a topic under Lean. It is usually referred to as incremental improvement but on a continuous basis and involving everyone.

Kaizen is Japanese for continuous improvement .

Kai means Change

Zen means Good or For the Better

The Kaizen strategy involves:

  • Kaizen management.
  • Management maintains and improves operating standards.
  • Process versus results: Improvement of processes is the key to success.
  • Use the PDCA/ PDSA cycles.
  • Quality first: Quality is of the highest priority.
  • The next process is the customer.

PDCA – plan do check act or plan do check adjust

PDSA – plan do study act or plan do study adjust

  • Plan: Create a plan for change, identifying specifically what you want to change. Define the steps you need to make the change, and predict the results of the change.
  • Do: Carry out the plan in a trial or test environment, on a small scale, under controlled conditions
  • Check (or study): Examine the results of your trial. Verify that you’ve improved the process. If you have, consider implementing it on a broader scale. If you haven’t improved the process, go back and try again.
  • Act: Implement the changes you’ve verified on a broader scale. Update the standard operating procedures.