Lean Six Sigma for Restaurant

Restaurant business is tough, we do agree. But, a successful venture return money, a lot of money. Question, is how to analyze your business success? With Lean Six Sigma, a defined approach can be applied for further evaluation.

Let’s start with understanding the customers, where do they come form, in what shape & thought. I will divide this in two aspect: External Customer & Internal Customer.

External Customer: This are the customer, who step in your restaurant from front door. They pay for food, services, ambiance, entertainment etc

Internal Customer: This are the employee, chef & server. Very important aspect for your restaurant success. Their happiness/ satisfaction are being transfer to external customer.

A simple technique is to measure, how do your customer rate your business? Key point, is data. Where you can find data? Example are at Yelp review, google review, your website review etc

Collect all the reviews provided by your external & internal customer. Select some factor critical to business, say Food, Service, Entertainment etc. Assign each factor with 3 aspect. Good, OK & BAD.

Start reading review, create a table which is often in six sigma term known as Critical to X / Voice of Customer, you can say Critical to Restaurant & rate them. (Food – Good – 10) means, in your review 10 people mention food is good or best. Like wise collect all the data from different channel.

Now, analyze them, say, 10 people comment food is good, 3 mentioned food is OK & 1, food is bad. Same , 10 say Service is good, 14 say service is OK & 5 say service is Bad. Here, you should be more worried about service than food. As it has more weight. Think of factor associated with service?

Customer has to wait for food? or Staff was not friendly, further, read customer review, try to see if you can link more factor. This technique is known as decision tree. You are going deep into solution. After you learn all the factor. It’s time for Improve.

Improvement may require money, reward to employee, special attention to small stuff. Say, if customer has to wait for food, adding one more staff can be good idea during busy hours or while customer, is waiting, adding a snack item for free on table can overcome service point or a system where chef know a customer order the food 5 min before to take on priority. This improvement are again part of thoughtful observation & feedback.

Last would be to Control the entire process for consistency.  Once you set some bar, make sure to follow them.

It was easy right. You only need to familiar yourself with six sigma techniques & tools.You can learn many topic for free at our site. Do let us know, if we can be any help?

Enjoy. I had listed some link for you. You can understand more what Critical to X means, Tree Diagram.


Voice of Customer 


Critical to X


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