How to identify & resolve Problem? : Force field analysis

Force field analysis, this name sound so powerful as forces which can be positive or negative on anything. We can say  positive is what we are looking for and negative is what we are trying to eliminate. That’s it, you are into concept  of force field analysis. It is used for planning, problem identification and resolution

Often in term of six sigma positive forces is known as “Driving Force” while negative forces is “Restraining Force”.

Say, for a restaurant owner what will be positive forces? Guess… Hmmm.. More customer visiting  restaurant, high sale from restaurant menu i.e. food, recommending to friend and visit us again. All positive. Right. 

Now, to same owner what will be negative forces affecting his/her plan? Simple, less customer visiting restaurant reason being bad ambiance, not that great food, terrible service, long wait time & not a single recommendation. This is all negative forces that a owner need to overcome. This can be feedback from survey, staff or customer. 

Question is “How he/she can understand force relationship in his/her desired goal?” Relationship between positive and negative force or relationship between Driving force and Restraining Force ? Once you know big picture, you can plan to achieve via tasks. 

One trick will be to write positive forces on left and negative forces on right. In center a summary of conclusion.

Best will be to call, staff of restaurant which may be 4-6 people & ask them to list all the factor affecting goal thereby rating them. 1 being low concern and 5 being high. Below is example, check the big picture chart.

You can apply same technique in your field. Forces can be endless just start listing them you will learn what will be the end plan.

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