How to deal with Introvert or Extrovert Employee ? 5 step | Nominal group technique (NGT)

Say, you own a business and your team or staff consist of 6-8 employee. Psychologically, they all are recruited for same job or different job but their behavior differ from one another in many ways. 

Example being, one employee is frank, he/she love to express himself/herself or any thought. Another employee being introvert, they do have thought but they may speak or may not. Other employee may be shy, thinking, what would other think about me. While some, may put pressure on other employee with their thought. Really.. Yeah, many different behavior.

In order to eliminate this behavior difference, Nominal group technique (NGT) can be applied for idea generation, problem solution & initial interaction.

Trick is simple. Just 5 step plan.

Step 1: A facilitator or a person hosting the group can lead the discussion. He/She can presented a problem or goal require to achieve. 

Step 2: Before any discussion is held, all members create ideas silently and individually onto a sheet of paper for about 5 to 10 minutes

Step 3: The facilitator then requests an idea from each member in sequence. Each idea is recorded until ideas are exhausted. No discussion is allowed at this point.

Step 4: After the exhaustion of ideas, the clarification, support and evaluation of ideas is permitted. Comments on the ideas of others is encouraged

Step 5: Then Final Stage, Voting for best solution is then conducted. Several rounds of voting may be needed before a ‘best’ idea is found.

Yes, this is amazing technique to be more productive for problem solution or idea generation

Below diagram will easy your brain with process. Enjoy !

Nominal group technique (NGT)

Nominal group technique (NGT)