Six Sigma analysis for Olive Garden ( Food Chain)

This article, is independent analysis for Food Chain – Olive Garden.

Recently, i was reading one article about US food chain restaurant – Olive Garden that they increase revenue for same restaurant by 6.8% in a quarter. For a food chain business, it’s a bonus.

For those who are not familiar with Olive Garden, it is restaurant based business where you can dine in -Italian food.

First thing, we can learn about Oilve Garden from six sigma aspect is: “They are Delighters” (3rd type, Kano mode of six sigma). They go beyond satisfying customer need by serving an amazing salad with bread stick. Indeed, it is quality driven with taste.

Next improvement, they  did, lot of marketing for Carry out order. Their sales rose by 40% in 2 years. When a customer, dine in, you are telling him/her, we will give you price advantage if you order for today and carry out something for tomorrow. Again, they are breaking kano model to become delighters.

Apart from that they introduce tablet on each table. Customer can order food and pay bill without wait. It’s super fast. On an average 7 minute time saving than before.

A simple application of kano model can be game changer for your next business. Do more for your customer. They will gift you will increase in sales, QUARTERLYYYYYYYYYYYY