Journal on Lean Six Sigma – List

Last month, i was searching for publication based on Lean Six Sigma. I had two thoughts in mind:

1. Read some good journal from trusted source.

2. How about, if i can write or submit article for this journal.

After doing some research on google, i noticed, there is not a single blog which can narrate above mention points. Then, I decided to write one.

In my search for journal, i dedicated 2 hour a day for a month. I went through lot of publication, company, text, ranking, article & content which cover topic based on lean six sigma.

Finally, I have a list.

If you have a unique topic from your experience, you can submit article in Journal. It’s simple & open source culture. Share your knowledge with other expert. Dedicated 1 hour a day and in month you will have a nice paper.

Also, from reading perspective, you can follow this list with link:

Enjoy !

  1. International Journal of Lean Six Sigma
  2. Journal of Quality Technology
  3. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence
  4. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management
  5. The TQM Journal
  6. International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management
  7. Quality Progress
  8. Journal for Quality and Participation
  9. Quality Engineering
  10. Quality Management Journal
  11. Six Sigma Forum Magazine
  12. Software Quality Professional
  13. Technometrics
  14. International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage