August 16, 2015

CTX (Critical to X) Quality

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Critical Requirements
There are other types of critical requirements for Six Sigma projects, called CTX (Critical to X) requirements, here is a list.

Critical to X can be of different type which fit your need. Some may be CTQ (Critical to Quality) COQ (Cost of Quality) CTD (Critical to Delivery)) CTP (Critical to Process)

CTQ (Critical to Quality)
CTQ improvement projects may include:
•Simplifying product designs
•Aligning product designs with customer requirements
•Meeting current market place quality levels
•Exceeding current market place quality levels
•Exceeding reliability and maintainability requirements
•Exceeding product appearance expectations
•Meeting technical requirements
•Providing products that are more durable

COQ (Cost of Quality)
COQ improvement projects may include:
•Reducing internal rejections
•Reducing external rejections
•Minimizing salvage and sorting operations
•Reducing warranty claims
•Reducing product variation
•Reducing process variation
•Reducing various forms of waste
•Eliminating unnecessary inspections

CTD (Critical to Delivery))
CTD improvement projects may include:
•Providing exact amounts of products
•Providing service within a specific time interval
•Ensuring immediate response to customer questions
•Providing a product or service on the proper day and time
•Providing more rapid field service
•Providing cost effectiedelivery methods
•Meeting customer packaging requirements
•Minimizing shipping damage

CTP (Critical to Process)
CTP improvement projects may include:
•Designing products that are easier to assemble
•Minimizing the changeover times
•Reducing in-process inventories
•Minimizing product touch times
•Optimizing work cell design
•Streamlining internal work flows
•Reducing process flow variation
•Enhancing process velocity
•Eliminating redundant operations
•Maximizing product yields
•Speeding up operations
•Reducing cycle times
•Minimizing equipment downtime
•Maximizing preventative maintenance
•Performing value stream mapping


CTQ Flow Down

Select Y’s (CTQ’s)

Decompose Yi into contributing elements, yi

Decompose yiinto contributing elements xi, n