August 15, 2015

Project Execution : Selection , Flowchart , Management , Evaluation

Focus are Where Do Projects Come From? Examples of Project Types Attributes of a good Six Sigma project , Selection , Flowchart , Management , Evaluation , 

Project Selection

Attributes of a good Six Sigma project:

•Strong tie to business deliverable

–Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty

–Strategic importance

–Impact on profit (hard and soft benefits)

•Results are visible or easily link to a key executive metric

–Meaningful results within 6 months (DMAIC only)

–Goals can be quantified and measured

•Project is feasible

–Team can commit time to project

– Potential solutions are relatively low cost

Where Do Projects Come From?

Top Down -> Business Unit Analysis •Earned Value Analysis •Legal/Compliance Issues •Strategic Initiatives •Voice of the Customer


Bottom Up• -> Quality Issues/Metrics•Productivity•Operating Personnel•Lean Initiatives•Process MapsProjects

Examples of Project Types

•Cost Reduction

–Yield and Rate Improvement–Downtime Reduction/Equipment Utilization–Raw Material Selection–Utility Optimization (Gas, Steam, Air and Electricity)–Trailer/Railcar Utilization–Accounts Payable Process–Corporate Credit Card Usage

•Cost Avoidance

–Reducing effects of future cost increases (disposal/environmental)–Inventory Control–Plant Utilization–Rate Improvement

•Revenue Enhancement

–Plant Capacity Improvement–Tech Service Offerings

Project Flowchart

project flowchart


Project Management

•Managing time, deadline
•Managing resource
•Periodical Reviews
•Team work and Leadership

Project Evaluation

•Project benefits have to be certified by accounting
•What goes right
•What goes wrong


Six Sigma project focus areas
•Focus on project cost savings
•Focus on customer satisfaction deliverables
•Focus on processes
•Focus on problems
•Focus on a targeted locations (a good way to introduce Six Sigma)
•Focus on design
•Focus on supplier processes