August 18, 2015

Six Sigma: Improve Phase : Overview & 6 Element


Six Sigma Improve phase is all about techniques, to alter factor in a way which one changes one or more input variables (Xs) to see if any of the variables, or any combination of those variables, affects the output (Y) in a significant way.This is way to deal with data set of experiments.

Alternate, in order to improve process, lean techniques can be very useful.

Generate Improvement Alternatives


Validate Improvement

Create “Should Be/Future State”Process Map

Perform Cost/Benefit Analysis

Elements of Improve Phase

1 About Design of experiments (DOE)

2 DOE Process variables & Analysis

3 Design Selection Guideline

Other ways to Improve the process is via lean Methodology, below are some of the ways:

4. 5S

5. Poke-Yoke

6. Standard Work & Kaizen