August 14, 2015

Six Sigma Organizational Infrastructure Team Leadership

Leader/Champion Master Black Belt (MBB) Black Belts (BB) Green Belts (GB) Project Team Members Six Sigma Leadership Team

Below is hireachy which goes from top to down in organization:


Is responsible for coordinating a business roadmap to achieve 6σ. Selects projects, executes control, and alleviates roadblocks for the 6σprojects in his or her area of responsibility

Master Black Belt(MBB)

Is mentor, trainer, and coach of Black Belts and others in the organization. Brings the broad organization up to the required 6σcompetency level.

Black Belts (BB)

Is a leader of teams implementing the 6σmethodology on projects. Introduces the methodology and tools to team members and the broader organization.

Green Belts (GB)

Delivers successful small, focused departmental projects using the success strategy.

Project Team Members

Participates on the project teams. Supports the goals of the project, typically in the context of his or her existing responsibilities. Is expected to continue to utilize learned 6σmethodology and tools as part of his or her normal job.


By the way, Six Sigma activity is featured by projects, a lots of projects;the goal of each project is ‘improve one process at a time’



The Champion(s)

•Management (Mentors, Sponsors)–Believe in the need for change, create the vision, provide resources–Authorize, legitimize, own the change–Trained in SS philosophies and methods–Demonstrate visible, top-down commitment to SS–Establish a SS Leadership Team

•Become mentors for SS experts•Identify key business processes where breakthrough technologies can best be used•Identify SS Expert candidates •Provide financial and organizational resources to train and equip the experts to identify and accomplish stretch goals•Agree on metrics to manage and track progress•Recognize and reward success•Propagate successes to general corporate cultural change

Six Sigma Leadership Team

•Trained in Six Sigma

•Develop the SS Master Plan to accelerate performance

•Work with management sponsors to identify SS Expert candidates

•Develop a focused curriculum•Schedule training

•Serve as mentors for SS Expert candidates

•Determine certification requirements

Certify SS Experts

•Work with Champions to develop reward system

•Determine annual re-certification requirements

•Develop a communications plan

•Review and improve the SS process

•Monitor project selection and progress

Master Black Belt

This is the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency. This is the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency. Because master black belts train black belts, they must know everything the black belts know, as well as understand the mathematical theory on which the statistical methods are based. Masters must be able to assist black belts inapplying the methods correctly in unusual situations. Whenever possible, statistical training should be conducted only by master black belts. If it’snecessary for black belts and green belts to provide training, they should only do so under the guidance of master black belts. Because of the nature of the master’s duties, communications and teaching skills should be judged as important as technical competence in selecting candidates.

Black Belts

•Are responsible for leading, executing and completing projects.

•Teaches team members the SS methodology and tools.

•Assists in identifying project opportunities and refining project details and scope.

•Reports progress to the project champions and the process owners.

•Transfers knowledge to other Black Belts and the organization.

•Mentors Green Belts.

Green Belts

•Usually equal 5% of the organization–

Support large Black Belt projects

–Lead smaller scope projects

–Are part-time practitioners

–Tend to be functionally specific

–Potential future Black Belts

–Assist with culture change