August 15, 2015

Six Sigma Roles and owners process

Black Belt Master Black Belts Green belts Executive Sponsors Champions Process Owners

Black Belt
•Most effective in full time process improvement position
•Studied and demonstrated in 6 Sigma body of knowledge and implementation abilities (through projects)
•Could be a team leader responsible for measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling key processes that
influence customer satisfaction and/or productivity growth
•Could be a internal consultants, working with a number of teamsat once.
•Could be a instructor
•Could be a mentor for green belts and black belts candidates
Master Black Belts
•Typically a full time process improvement positions
•Needs both quantitative skills and the ability to teach and mentor
•Promoted from black belt who has excellent records on projects
•MBB are teachers who mentors black belts and review their projects

Green belts
•Usually not in full time process improvement positions
•May be black belt in training, having less experience
•Must demonstrate proficiency with core statistical tools by using them in projects
•May remain green belts for a few years
•Operate under the supervision and guidance of a black belt or master black belt.
Executive Sponsors
•Executive sponsorship is a key element in effective 6 Sigma program
•Executive leadership sets the direction and priorities for the organization
•Executive team is comprised of leaders that communicate, lead and direct the company’s overall objectives towards successful 6 Sigma deployment
•Executives typically receive training that include six sigma program overview, deployment strategies and tools/methods of 6 sigma
•They are typically upper level managers that control and allocate resources to promote process improvements
•They are trained in core concepts of 6 Sigma and deployment strategies
•They lead the implementation of 6 Sigma program.
•They work with black belts to ensure that senior management is aware of the status of 6 sigma deployment
•They ensure that resources are available for training and project completion
•They are involved in all project reviews

Process Owners
•Key processes should have a process owner•A process owner coordinates process improvement activities and monitors progress on a regular basis•Process owners work with black belts to improve the processes for which they are responsible•Process owners should have basic training in core statistical tools•In some organizations, process owners may be Six Sigma Champions