August 15, 2015

Six Sigma Training: Black vs Green Belt

Black belt vs Green Belt Overview of Six Sigma Training Six Sigma Professional Training and Duties Six Sigma Tools Training Green Belt tools Black Belt tools

Overview of Six Sigma Training
•Executive Overview of Six Sigma Program ( 1 Day)
•Six Sigma Leader/Champion ( 1-3 days)
•Master Black Belt ( Black belts + projects + additional training)
•Black Belt (4 weeks + projects)
•Green Belt ( 2 weeks )

Six Sigma Professional Training and Duties

•Black Belts
•Full Time Six Sigma Resource
•4 Weeks Initial training, plus follow-up advanced statistical training
•Work 3-4 projects Simultaneously
•Mentor 5-10 Green Belt project
•Train some Green Belts
•Green Belts
•Initially trained Manufacturing or Operations GBs
•2 Week training –equivalent Define and Measure skills
•Expectation is to complete at least 1 project per year, and thenwork
on 2nd project
•Currently 25% of savings is from Green Belts
•Evolved to DFSS, Technical Service, Transactional, Analytical and
Reliability GBs

Six Sigma Tools Training

Green Belt tools

•Benchmarking•Brainstorming•Cause-Effect diagrams•Critical to Customer Tree•Data Collection Plan•FMEA( Failure modes and effect)•Improvement strategy•Interviews/ Precision questioning•Prioritization matrices•Project Charter•Project plan template•SIPOC-Process flow•Surveys•Workflow mapping

Black Belt tools

Activity analysis •Affinity diagram•Data Presentation–Histogram–Box Plot–Line Graphs–Run Charts–Control Charts–Pareto Chart–Bar Graphs–Stacked Bar Graphs–Pie Charts•Design of experiments–Full factorial–Reduced fractions–Screening designs–Response surface•Hypothesis tests–t-test–Paired t-test–ANOVA–Chi Square•Process sigma•Kano modeling•Quality Functional Deployment(QFD)•Regression•Rolled throughput and final yield•Sampling•Stratification