August 9, 2015

How to Create a Simple Process Flow Diagram

Resource: Simple Process Flow Diagram,  Included in a Simple Process Flow Diagram, A Deployment Flow Chart (Swim Lane)

How to Create a Simple Process Flow Diagram

Determine the start and stop points to your flow of process steps . The stop point is typically near the customer.
• Walk through the flow, writing down the process steps as they exist now (Rule of thumb: Pretend your are the part). Make sure you use a verb to describe the process step.
– You can be very general or very specific.
• General: “Machine Part”
• Specific: “Turn part, grind outside diameter, and deburr part”
• At a minimum, record the process steps, decision points, and transportation methods
• Once you have roughly mapped out the process, make it more formal by adding symbols.
• Once finished, sign and date the flow diagram with a revision level.

What Can Be Included in a Simple Process Flow Diagram
• Start and Stop points
• Decision points
• Transportation methods
• Inventory/Storage points
• How many operators at each process step
• Required tools/resources
• Process parameters for each step: Cycle time,
throughput time, scrap rate, etc.
• Responsibilities for each step

A Deployment Flow Chart (Swim Lane)

Here a “department” or “work center” dimension is added horizontally or vertically. You may use individuals, groups, departments, functions, etc. ‐ whatever kinds of ‘units’ play major roles in the process.
• Draw lines to separate the functional boundaries.
• When the flow moves from one function to another, a line denotes this.
• Draw the sequence of activities from start to finish.
• Use the task and decision‐making symbols as before and always connect symbols with arrows indicating the direction of flow.