August 8, 2015

Lean Excellence, Tools & Framework

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What is Excellence?
• Excellence is the state or quality of excelling. Particularly in the field of business and organizations
• Excellence is considered to be an important value, and a means to surpass others or be superior in some respect or area goal to be pursued.

What does Lean Contribute to Excellence?
• A stable system
• A steady flow of products or services pulled by the customer
• Everyone is working to improve
• Synergy in the work place
• A moving target is hard to hit; a constantly improving business stays ahead of the pack
• Lower costs

Does Implementation of Lean Tools Make Processes More Robust?
• The lean manufacturing tools are just idealized prototypes:
– The uniqueness of every process makes it impossible to implement lean tool in its original form – context is important
– No lean tool could be designed without acceptability and adoptability at every level in
the organization – buy‐in is essential
– Improvements must be with scientific method, at the lowest possible level in the organization
• Lean tools are countermeasures “rather then solutions”:
– The lean tools are not ends in themselves, rather they are merely temporary and context‐specific responses to problems that will serve until a better approach is found or conditions change.

Framework for Excellence
• LM Driver
• LM Pre‐requisite
• LM Principles
• LM Tools
– Skill & Techniques
• LM Metrics
• Code of Conduct