August 9, 2015

Value Stream Mapping (VSM): About & 17 steps

Resource: Value Stream Mapping (VSM), How To Create a VSM – 17 Steps 

Lean tools are often applied to ineffective or costly processes to identify value and waste.
• Every lean event or initiative should start with a value stream map (VSM). In addition to showing the sequence of process steps, the map helps identify areas of process waste.
• Value is simply whatever the customer will pay for; anything else is a form of waste. To add value it must:
– Done right the first time
– A physical change occurs
– Customer must be willing to pay for it

How To Create a VSM

1. Draw customer, supplier and production control icons.

2. Enter customer requirements per month and per day.

3. Calculate daily production and container requirements

4. Draw outbound shipping icon and truck with delivery frequency

5. Draw inbound shipping icon, truck and delivery frequency.

6. Add process boxes in sequence, left to right

7. Add data boxes below.

8. Add communication arrows and note methods and frequencies

9. Obtain process attributes and add to data boxes. Observe all times directly! Add a timeline at the bottom (leave blank for now).

10. Add operator symbols and numbers.

11. Add inventory locations and levels in days of demand to timeline at the bottom.

12. Add push, pull and FIFO icons.

13. Add other information that may prove useful.

14. Add working hours.

15. Cycle and Lead Times

16. Calculate Total Cycle Time and Lead Time.

17. Add Kaizen activities, if required